Tie Down 13981 1.5 in. x 8 ft. Blue Heavy Duty Ratchet Strap, 4-Pack
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Tie Down 13981 1.5 in. x 8 ft. Blue Heavy Duty Ratchet Strap, 4-Pack

  • Item #: 13981

Product Description

Tie Down Ratchet Straps offer reliable and versatile cargo securing for a wide range of applications. Available in gray, black, and blue, these 1.5 in. by 8 ft. straps are built to handle heavy loads, boasting a remarkable breaking load of 5208 lbs. Their ultra-rugged design ensures long-lasting performance, featuring super-strong polyester, extra-durable stitching, and a high-quality mechanism. The vinyl-coated 'S' hooks prevent scratching, scuffing, and denting, ensuring your cargo remains intact. For added safety, these straps feature a safety lock. This 4-pack includes a drawstring carry bag and 1.5 in. by 15 ft. soft loops with Velcro wrapping for easy storage. Whether you're moving motorcycles, ATVs, kayaks, furniture, or heavy machinery, these straps guarantee a dependable hold, securing your cargo during transport.

  • [VERSATILE CARGO SECURING] These Tie Down Ratchet Straps are your go-to solution for securing a wide array of bulky items, from motorcycles and ATVs to kayaks, furniture, and more.
  • [SUPERIOR STRENGTH] With a remarkable breaking load of 5208 lbs., these straps provide robust, reliable performance for heavy-duty hauling.
  • [PROTECTIVE 'S' HOOKS] The vinyl-coated 'S' hooks not only ensure a secure grip but also prevent damage to your cargo by eliminating the risk of scratches, scuffs, or dents. These hooks also feature a safety lock to guarantee your cargo stays securely fastened during transport.
  • [CONVENIENCE INCLUDED] This 4-pack of 1.5 in. by 8 ft. straps comes with a drawstring carry bag for easy storage and transport. Additionally, 1.5 in. by 15 in. soft loops with Velcro wrapping are included for added versatility.
  • [BUILT TO LAST] Constructed with high-quality materials, these ratchet straps are designed for longevity, featuring super-strong polyester and extra-durable stitching.
  • [SAFETY INDICATOR] The straps feature a safety line, which runs parallel to and along the outside edge and acts as a warning indicator to remove the strap from service. Once the straps have frayed or ripped into or beyond the indicator line, remove from service and replace with a new Tie Down strap.

Product Specs

  • ColorBlue
  • Country of OriginChina
  • DivisionOutdoor Living
  • Height (in.)6.50
  • Length (in.)12.25
  • Warranty1-Year Limited
  • Weight (lbs.)9.00
  • Width (in.)5.50

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