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Crimping Tool

Tie Down crimp tools are designed for use with .035 thickness, 1-1/4” wide strap and steel crimp seals.

Part #59180

Jacking Plate

Jacking plate is used to add support to frame when adjusting trailer height with a jack. Required by many manufacturers when setting, to keep from bending the I-beam. Heavy gauge steel.

3-1/2” Wide Part #59000
5” Wide Part #59001

Soil Test Probe Kit

The purpose of the Soil Test Probe Kit is to determine the soil conditions below the surfaces near the anchor’s helix plate. This will provide maximum anchor holding strength by insuring use of proper anchors for each soil condition. Includes multi pocketed carrying case.

Part # 59200

Soil Test Probe Information The Soil Test Probe is used to determine the soil conditions below the surface near the anchor’s helix. Using the Soil Test Probe will ensure maximum anchor holding strength by indicating the proper anchor model for each soil condition. The Anchor Chart on page 5 and a test probe reading can be used to get a recommend anchor for every soil condition. Instructions… 1. Place probe tip into ground where you intend to place the anchor. Using a 15/16” (or 24 mm) hex socket with a ratchet or breaker bar, rotate the probe in a clockwise direction. (An electric drive machine with an adapter head may also be used) 2. Drive (rotate) the torque probe into the soil until reaching a depth equal to the length of the anchor being installed. 3. To determine the soil classification: • Place wrench adapter onto torque wrench. • Insert hex portion of wrench adapter onto the earth probe. • Support probe shaft with one hand, while rotating probe steadily with the wrench. (Do not exceed 600 in. lbs.) • Read the torque wrench while rotating probe clockwise. • Use the Anchor Chart on page 5 to cross-reference probe readings. 4. If probe reading does not match the anchor for that depth, rotate probe to next anchor depth and check reading. Continue until reading on probe matches anchor length for depth of reading. 5. To remove probe, use wrench or electric drive machine in reverse (counter clockwise).



Tie Down’s SPEED WRENCH simplifies anchor installation with a design that allows for one handed operation for installing slotted bolts and tensioning strap. The SPEED WRENCH has a 15/16” (or 24 mm) impact socket on one side and a 15/16” “nut” on the other. Combine this with your own ratchet and 15/16” (or 24 mm) socket and you have the fastest way to tighten slotted bolts!

Part #48900

Racking Alignment Brackets

  • Make alignment of problem roofs easier.
  • Eliminate popped seams from lifting on corners of the home.
  • Thick galvanized steel for years of service.
  • One person operations saves time and money.

Part #59366

Axle Removal Skid


Used when removing axles after completion of setting unit on site. Simply unbolt axle and lay in skid pan with hub behind bracket, move to opposite side and after removing bolts, slide axle out from under home. Turns a rough job into a safe one person operation.

Part #59399


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