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Tranzvolt Tie Downs Latest Innovation

For many residential and commercial contractors, lifting material to elevated surfaces, like a roof, make dangerous, expensive, and unpleasant. In today’s residential and commercial markets, many people lift materials with a laddervator, a roofing hoist motorized by a gas or electrical motor that moves material upward. This happens with either a boom, conveyor truck, or even manually with a rope. (show images of a powered platform hoist, boom truck, and manually).

A traditional laddervator, also known as a ladder hoist or roofing hoist, uses gas. This causes messes and loud noises, which causes problems on job site locations with noise ordinances. These circumstances make using a laddervator problematic. The noise of a gas-powered motor also annoys many homeowners, but limits productivity on the job. The start and stop time for jobs depend on the motor and ultimately delay the completion of a project.

With additional environmental concerns at hand, a gas laddervator spews carbon dioxide fumes and can leak gas or oil onto a customer’s property. A boom or conveyer truck also increases job site costs and are not always compatible with the application required for tight access points, landscaping properties, and more.

In 2019, Tie Down set out to design a ladder hoist that would lift material quietly, set up quickly, operate affordably, and offer the safest and easiest working environment.

“Tie Down worked with a key distributor partner, Joey Krys of Professional Contractors Supply, and some of the largest solar installers in the country, like Tesla and Viviant Solar. This team created the TranzVolt, the market’s only battery-powered platform material lifting hoist.” 

The additional problem solved? Solar installers needed a solar panel lift so they could stop lifting solar panels by hand or with rope and boom trucks. Tie Down answered the market’s need for a more reliable and safer way of getting work done, while also being cost-effective. As a leading manufacturer of the TranzSporter, a gas-powered platform material hoist, Tie Down utilized our existing knowledge to manufacture a maintenance free, load bearing, and fastest electric solar platform hoist on the market.

Tie Down engineers and the product development team worked with safety specialists and end users on market expectations for a battery-operated laddervator. Through trial and error, bouncing back and forth on job sites, the prototypes were fabricated and tested repeatedly. The functionality requirements break down into three major factors.

The result of all this hard work made the first of its kind: The TranzVolt! The Tranzvolt system offers many benefits.

At an operating height of 44’, the single charge TranzVolt sets up within minutes and lasts 8 hours on one full charge. This keeps your team up and running throughout the day!

With unmatched productivity features, the TranzVolt ladder hoist incorporates advanced technology that allows workers to lift material up towards the roof and back down. Safely and efficiently. The TranzVolt is ideal for lifting solar panels, roofing material, windows, doors, siding, tools, and much more.

Tie Down provinces innovative job site solutions and works every day with this goal in mind. The TranzVolt is unlike any other laddervator or solar panel lift available on the market. This system makes a great addition to your equipment list if you need a safe, efficient, and affordable ladder hoist.

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