COVID-19 Product Solutions

COVID-19 Response Product Solutions

COVID-19 Solutions from Tie Down bring the best products available on the market.  Tie Down Engineering is her to assist you and your team with safe and practical solutions to maintain a safe workplace. As we deal with the COVID-19 epidemic be sure check out our latest stay safe products below from COVID-19 Sanitizers to KN 95 Masks.

Stay Safe Portable Hand Sanitizer Station

Your survival kit to post lock down business life!

Maintenance Free.   Battery Free!

The Stay Safe Hand Sanitizer Station from Tie Down Engineering is the first line of defense against COVID-19. Our COVID-19 Solutions and products include our Hand Sanitizer Station. A durable, lightweight hands free sanitizer dispenser that adheres to OSHA standards for COVID-19 Sanitizer requirements.



Stay Safe Hand Wash Sinks from Tie Down are available with cold and hot water faucets. Our effort to provide COVID-19 Safety Solutions is ongoing. Touch-less Hand Wash Sinks are perfect for minimizing the spread of germs!  The portable hand washing, and hand hygiene station quickly goes where you need it!

The CDC recommends you wash or sanitize your hands a minimum of at least 20 seconds and as often 6 times a day or more. Learn more about Tie Down COVID-19 Safety Solutions and Products! Pick up your touch less portable hand wash sink today from Tie Down today!

R&R Hand Moisturizer Lotion

COVID-19 Solutions: Sanitizers Alcohol Free Lotion Kills 99.9% of Germs

OUr COVID-19 Solutions and products from Tie Down provide R&R Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer. R & R Hand Sanitizers have a distinct advantage over Gelled Alcohol Hand Sanitizers. While both product forms are fast acting and allow for use without water or towels, our product gives the added benefits of being Non-Flammable, less drying to skin, and will not stain clothing.

Stay Safe Foam Hand Sanitizers from Tie Down have a distinct advantage over Gelled Alcohol Hand Sanitizers. The CDC has listed R & R Foam Sanitizers as one of the only approved Alcohol Free Alternative for Hand Sanitization!.

Pick up your COVID-19 Sanitizer Today!


COVID-19 Solutions: KN95 Face Masks Block 95% of Airborne Pathogens

Tie Down COVID-19 Solutions and Products provide our Stay Safe KN95 Face Masks, Tie Down KN95 Face Masks are CE Certified and FDA Class 1. No imitations here! Tie Down Engineering brings only the real deal that comply with industry standards. The 5-ply foldable Stay Safe KN95 Face Mask has a 95% filtration efficiency rate.

COVID-19 KN95 Face Masks are a comfortable and light weight protectant. It is so soft you will forget you are even wearing a mask! In the middle of a global pandemic pick up your Stay Safe KN95 Mask and all our great COVID-19 Solutions and Products today!

COVID-19 A Women Wearing a KN 95 Face Mask
COVID-19 Dual Sink Hand Washing Station

COVID-19 Solutions: 100% touch-free soap, water, and paper towel dispensing.

Part #65302 – Ideal for small spaces on construction sites, tenant improvement sites, municipalities for parks, public spaces, homeless camps, offices, grocery stores, and distribution centers—Anywhere space is limited. In addition to the standard model, Pick up your COVID-19 Hand Wash Station Today!


  • (2) Stainless steel touch-free sinks
  • (2) Touch-free faucets(2) Touch-free soap dispensers
  • (2) Touch-free paper towel dispensers
  • (4) Industrial casters
  • ADA accessible Version Available.