Sheet Laser

Trumpf Sheet Laser
  • High Productivity
  • Enormous Joint Speed and Positioning Dynamics
  • World’s Most Efficient CO2 Laser
  • Cut Edges Of Highest Quality Through Whole Machining Spectrum
  • Cuts Sheets Up To 50 mm
  • Various Beam Sources for Diverse Processing
  • Precisely Cut Mircrometer Joints From Paper Thin To 1.25″

    For further details on equipment visit the Trumpf website.
Mitsubishi NX Series 2D Fiber Optic Laser Processing System
  • Highest Cutting Power Per Watt Of Any Machine In The Market
  • Agile Z-axis With Arc, High Speed Height Sensor For Top-Speed Cutting
  • Handles Forces Up To 4G’s in Z-Axis and 2G’s in X-and Y-Axes
  • Beam Stability At Speeds Up to 2,360 Inches Per Minute
  • Consistent Corner to Corner Cutting On Any Application
  • Works In Automation Applications And Material Range To Run Unattended

    For further details on equipment visit the Mitsubishi website.
(2) Mitsubishi CNC Sheet Metal Lasers (Four Cells Total)
Messer 4500DB Dual Beam Plasma Cutter
  • Cutting Widths From 12 feet
  • Cutting Lenghts Up To 32 Feet
  • Cutting Up To 3″ Thick Material
  • Drilling Up To 4″ Diameter And Tapping Up to 1-1/2″ Diameter
  • Skew Infinite Rotation Head For Precise Bevel Cuts
  • Telesis Pinstamp For Part Marking
  • Dual 400 Amp Plasma Torches
  • Precision Machined Mating Surfaces With Tolerances of .002″ Maintained
  • Positioning Speeds Up To 1,400 ipm
  • Machine Motion Accuracy Plus Or Minus 0.015″ in 72″ Travel With .010″ Repeatability Measured with A Laser Interferometer

    For further details on equipment, please visit the Messer website.
Some of Our Equipment Includes:
  • Schroeder Up/Down Folding Machine
    • Up/Down Folding Up to 1/4 ” Thick Steel By 10.5′ Long
    • Bending 1/4″ Plate Allows Maximum 4-Sided Part Depth of 13-3/4″
    • At 33-1/2″” Stroke Able To Bend 4-Sided Part Dept of 16-1/2″” At Maximum Thickness Of 9 Gauge”
    • At 63.9″ Stroke And Open For Part Depts of 31″
    • Clamping Beam Speed Approahing 300 IPM
    • Maximum Bending Speed Is 130 per Second On Thin Gauge Parts

      For further details on equipment, please visit the Schroeder website.
  • Trumpf Liftmaster
    • Automatic Un-Manned Production
    • High Flexibility And Wide Range Of Automation Functions
    • Adjustable Arm Gives User Access To All Applications
    • Ranges From Simple Loading And Unloading – Pallet Handling To Part Removal
    • Suction Cups To Transport Raw Sheets To Processed Sheets
    • Adaptable To Any Space Configuration

      For further details on equipment, please visit the Trumpf website.
  • Finn Power CNC
  • Time Saver Water Collection System
  • Ercolina Bender
  • C & M Drill
Some of Our Press Equipment Includes:
  • (2) Tokokoki 30 Ton 3′ CNC Press Brake
  • Tokokoki 40 Ton 4′ CNC Press Brake
  • Tokokoki 60 Ton 6′ CNC Press Brake
  • Trumpf 85 Ton Press Brake
  • Niagara 100 Ton Press Brake
  • Accupress 100 Ton 8′ Press Brake
  • Tokokoki 125 Ton CNC Press Brake
  • Trumpf 187 Ton Press Brake
  • Dener Press Brake
  • GBG Crimping Press
  • Jet 15″ Floor Drill Press
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