Cable Cutting

Tie Down High-Performance Cable Cutting

Tie Down offers both high and low volume cutting, measuring, feeding, spooling and coiling for industrial cable and wire.  Our machines will save time on production runs, cut costs, improve workflow and provide the most advanced solutions in the industry!

At Tie Down we also coat cable! Whether it’s yours or ours, we can deliver what you need in clear or custom colors. Let us quote your coat! We have the largest selection of Stainless-Steel Aircraft Cable and Industrial Hardware solutions.

You’ll find everything you need from Custom PVC extrusion available for aircraft cable sizes 1/16 in to 3/8 in.  If you need PVC coated cable in clear or colors, contact Tie Down for a quote today!!

Tie Down Mills
  • Extrusion Machine
  • Clear / Colored Plastic Coating Capable
  • Automated Payout
  • Cut-to-length Machine
  • Swaging and Crimping Machines
  • Manual Stations for Stripping and Assembly
  • Cable Coiling Machines
  • Cable Spooling Machines