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Tie Down Engineering recommends a preventative maintenance program that includes the brake fluid being changed every 12 months for marine trailers. The brake fluid should be changed at a minimum every two years for marine trailers and three years for utility trailers.

Drum brakes for trailers sold by Tie Down Engineering and other axle suppliers are not self-adjusting. This requires that the brakes are checked and adjusted on a regular basis.

When pulling a trailer for the first time, or after it has been stored for a extended period of time, please check the wheels for “Lot Lock”. This condition can cause the tires to skid on an empty trailer due to lack of a boat or other weight. This is common at auto dealerships where […]

Washers on safety cables or chains must be larger than the outside diameter of cable loop or chain link.

Slider pins MUST have a lock-thread coating. Threads must be cleaned and a coat of “permanent” Loctite® must be applied.

Model 70LP Actuator’s required the use of a e-clip/retaining ring, to retain the actuator pin to the bushings, and actuator rollers. We are no longer using the 48795 actuator pin.

Drill Hole Pattern for Standard Housing Actuators June 18, 2012

Torque Adjustment of Tapered Roller Bearings within Spindle/Hub Assemblies.

This bulletin covers product delivered between March 2015 and October 2015.

Scope: Bullit Actuators Part numbers 48867, 48867D, 48867F, 48867K, 48867RPK

Tie Down Engineering requires that the Coupler Latch be in the down or closed position and that the Safety Pin be fully inserted into the Safety Pin Hole whenever the trailer is being moved.