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Do-it-Yourself protection for most outdoor structures or possessions. Includes: 15″ Anchors, Wire Clamps & 50 ft Cable Part #59070 Please follow and like us:

Cut cable to the required length and lace the cable through the sleeve so that the end will still protrude after crimping.. Please follow and like us:

Connect top post to bottom section with bolts (2-2″) provided. (See A)Tighten securely to prevent post from wobbling… Please follow and like us:

Never exceed working load limit of any product. Working Load Limit – The maximum load or force, which should be applied to a product. Please follow and like us:

Sleeves for forming loops and laps on cable are specially made from high grade aluminum alloy, and must be applied only with a special tool, designed for this special purpose, properly adjusted, used in strict accordance with the tool instructions… Please follow and like us:

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