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Where can I get Lifan parts & warranty information?

For parts and warranty information contact Lifan at #866-471-7464.

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Will my old transporter work with a new track section?

Yes, the track sections have never been revised in the set up and is interchangeable with both newer and older models of that hoist. LH200/2000 use a different track than the LH400 For dimensional differences see above. The TP 250 and TP400 now use the same track section (10091).

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What is the difference between the TP250/400 and previous models?

The TP series uses the same track sections as the previous versions of the LH200/2000 (#10091). However there is no compatibility between the LH400/4000 and the new TP400. The TP250 components are interchangeable with the 2 nd generation TranzSporter LH200 and LH2000 collapsible carriage version. The original solid carriage (welded frame) hoist is not compatible with all later models.

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Lifan Warranty?

For warranty, call 866-471- 7464. The customer will be prompted to press #1 for warranty. They will need the Serial Number before they can get anything serviced or replaced.

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I need a new Carriage.

The collapsible carriage started shipping January 2012, these will not work with the older style carriage (48480). The Collapsible Base and Carriage are not compatible with the previous version. Do not mix the carriages and bases! The 48480 must be used on 62001, 62000 and 48490. The New TP250 carriage and base are compatible with the collapsible carriage models.

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