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What diameter cable should I get?

Cable or wire rope should be strong enough for the maximum potential load. In our downloads library, each diameter cable has a safe working load rating which is 1/5th the breaking strength. This is one of many criteria needed to make a cable diameter decision. Note that cable or wire rope is not to be used for aircraft, overhead lifting or supporting human life.

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How do I fasten or tie off aircraft cable?

Cable does not allow you to form a knot like rope. Loops are required for connecting or terminating a cable end. Use either a cable rope clip or cable sleeve to form a loop.

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How do I install an eye anchor?

Using a straight rod to turn (screw) anchor into the ground.

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Can I purchase cable or anchors directly from Tie Down Engineering?

No, please contact us via phone or email and we can locate a distributor of these products nearest you.

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