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What is “Super Lube” and how does it differ from the “Bearing Protector Caps”

Super Lube is TDE’s brand of grease lubrication that changes the grease in the hub as you add new grease. Super Lube comes in two versions.

  1. This spindle type has a grease fitting under the wheel cap on the end of the spindle. Grease is pressured into the fitting and travels through a drilled hole in the spindle and exits under the rear bearing. This pushes the old grease outward through the front bearing and out the hub. Super Lube provides new grease for both the front and rear bearing without pressurizing the hub.
  2. Super lube is also offered on specially machined hubs with a grease fitting on the rear of the hub. The Super Lube hubs allow you to have this great feature on axles that were not drilled for the Super Lube lubrication.

“Bearing Protector Caps” offer a grease fitting on the outside of a spring loaded dust cap. New grease is pushed into the hub from the front side only. This does provide an easy way to pack grease into the hub on trips. However, since the rear bearing does not get to see this new grease, we still recommend repacking the wheels every 12 months or 12,000 miles when using this type of lubrication system.

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How often should I grease the bearings?

The standard we use is every 12 months or 12,000 miles whichever comes first.

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Can I purchase trailer parts and accessories directly from Tie Down Engineering?

No, Marine Aftermarket products are sold to wholesale accounts only. Retail customers wishing to purchase our products can purchase them through most marine retailers, national retailers and select internet based retailers.

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