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Can I purchase cable or anchors directly from Tie Down Engineering?

No, please contact us via phone or email and we can locate a distributor of these products nearest you.

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What is meant by a “drop” axle vs. a “V’d” axle?

A drop axle is a term used for spring axles that have a “drop” or raised spindle, which in effect lowers the trailer. A V’d axle has a bend in the middle to accommodate a deep hull boat or just to match the design of the trailer cross members.

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Where can I get Lifan parts & warranty information?

For parts and warranty information contact Lifan at #866-471-7464.

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Will my old transporter work with a new track section?

Yes, the track sections have never been revised in the set up and is interchangeable with both newer and older models of that hoist. LH200/2000 use a different track than the LH400 For dimensional differences see above. The TP 250 and TP400 now use the same track section (10091).

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What is the difference between the TP250/400 and previous models?

The TP series uses the same track sections as the previous versions of the LH200/2000 (#10091). However there is no compatibility between the LH400/4000 and the new TP400. The TP250 components are interchangeable with the 2 nd generation TranzSporter LH200 and LH2000 collapsible carriage version. The original solid carriage (welded frame) hoist is not compatible with all later models.

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