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How can I tell what replacement track I need?

The TP250 and TP400 use track part number 10091. Previous LH series 200 lb models used the same 10091, however the 400 pound “LH” series used a wider track.

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What hoist does the #60005 Support Brace work with?

The 60005 support brace may be used on all TranzSporter platform hoists (LH and TP series). The max height is 43 or 44ft, when using extra tracks over 28ft, one 60005 is required.

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Brake needed when using the foot pedal?

The platform Hoist brake is automatically activated, do not use the brake handle while pressing on the foot pedal. Please consult the Platform Hoist manual for instructions on proper use.

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Electric Hoist voltage/wattage?

The electric 1hp Leeson uses 110 v: 12.8 amps, 240 watts 150 min.

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