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Can I replace my spring axle with a torsion axle?

Torsion axles have many additional measurements that must be correct to replace a spring axle. Frame type and width, torsion bar angle, mounting brackets used, are additional frame brackets required, capacity, hub face, beam type, etc. In our manufacturing process, to place one axle in the loop is more difficult than building 400 at a time. An engineer must make a technical drawing, the buyer must approve drawing, and planning must make a bill of materials and schedule. As a result, we are not able to build single axles. We do sell torsion axles to a few trailer parts distributors. However, they carry what they consider “stock” size axles, for replacement purposes, which may or may not be the correct axle for your trailer due to all the requirements outlined above.

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What are the advantages of the Eliminator Torsion axles from Tie Down Engineering?

First, torsion axles provide an independent suspension, which will give a smoother ride. The rubber cords eliminate metal-to-metal contact for less wear and tear. The axle tube is welded or bolted to the frame and acts as an additional cross member for a stiffer trailer frame. Eliminator Torsion axles have one feature that can only be found on an Eliminator Torsion axle, quick change spindles. The ability to remove and replace the spindle could save the purchase of a new axle should the spindle become damaged in an accident or from bearing failure where the spindle is severely damaged. As a trailer owner, you can carry a spare tire, hub and spindle mounted on your spare tire carrier where only a spare tire was before. This keeps you on the road, not on the side of it.

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What diameter cable should I get?

Cable or wire rope should be strong enough for the maximum potential load. In our downloads library, each diameter cable has a safe working load rating which is 1/5th the breaking strength. This is one of many criteria needed to make a cable diameter decision. Note that cable or wire rope is not to be used for aircraft, overhead lifting or supporting human life.

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How do I fasten or tie off aircraft cable?

Cable does not allow you to form a knot like rope. Loops are required for connecting or terminating a cable end. Use either a cable rope clip or cable sleeve to form a loop.

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How do I install an eye anchor?

Using a straight rod to turn (screw) anchor into the ground.

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