Wall Jack Parts

Wall Jack Replacement Parts



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Wall Jack Replacment Parts
148581-116' Tower Tube (excludes foot, pin/chain and winch)
248581-216' Upper Tube (exludes pulley)
148582-120' Tower Tube (excludes foot, pin/chain and winch
248582-220' Upper Tube (exludes pulley)
148583-123' Tower Tube (excludes foot, pin/chain and winch
248583-223' Upper Tube (exludes pulley)
3108261/2" x 3" Carriage Bolt
410113Wall Stop Spring
517545Wall Stop Plastic Handle Cover
648581-8Wall Stop Handle
748581-7Adjustable Wall Stop
810541Bolt 1/2" x 3"
948581-9Top Cap
1010079Top Pulley
1110645Nyloc Nut 1/2"
1210952Bolt 3/8" x 1-1/4"
1317140A1Complete Winch with Cable & Shackle (#48581)
1317140A2Complete Winch with Cable & Shackle (#48582)
1317140A3Complete Winch with Cable & Shackle (#48583)
1410650Nut 3/8"
1550389Safety pin and cables
1610592ASafety pin (with clip only)
1710808Bolt 5/8" x 3.5"
1810628Nyloc Nut 5/8"
1948581-3Wall Jack Foot
2050386Cable and Shackle for 16'
2050387Cable and Shackle for 20'
2050388Cable and Shackle for 23'
2248581-4Lifting Wall Bracket
2310121Tension Spring for Winch
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