Guardrails, Residential

RZ/EZ Guardrail Systems

It’s the quickest and easiest guardrail system to install, tear down plus no tools required. Galvanized for the same price or less than competitor’s painted steel guardrails.

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Steep Slope Guardrail

Make your next residential roofing job safer. Unique design features convenient handle for transporting to the job site. Adjustable rail brackets for easy and fast attached of 2 x 4’s (not included). Lightweight and easy to install. Steep Slope Guardrail bracket has 5 adjustable pitch positions from 4/12 to 16/12, simply remove and tighten wing nut into the corresponding angle and you’re done! Extra wing nut and bolt attached. Maximum spacing 8′. Complies to OSHA standards.
2 per master carton.

Part #65014

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Rake Edge Bracket

For use on all rake edges or eaves with 4/12 pitch or less. Designed to be used with the RoofZone 65014 Steep Slope Guardrail System. Rake bracket fits under shingle tabs for quick positioning and removal. Key-hole nail openings for 16″ or 24″ spacing. Maximum spacing 8′ apart. Features toe board openings for proper placement, and laser cut Pre-galvanized 1.5″ heavy-duty post with self-locking rail brackets. Complies with OSHA standards. 2 per master carton.

Part #65023

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