May 17, 2017

NEW Ergonomic Shingle Remover #13880

Avoid Back Pain; The Ergo Stripper Works Like A BACK-SAVER! Removes shingles twice as fast with half the effort! 

  • Using an athletic stance* with bent
    knees 15% and a straight back, it will
    save your back decreasing injury
  • By placing arm in holster or arm rest,
    using knees and thighs, your body
    weight becomes the lever
  • Ergo Tool works on contractors
    5’ to 6’-3”
  • 20% faster than traditional tear off tools

* An athletic stance is a standing position which allows
you to maximize you strength, power, and speed, while
decreasing risk of injury. Athletic stance can vary
depending on the sport, or activity.

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