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Eliminator Torsion Axles

The Eliminator Torsion Axle is an industry first with its removable spindle. Gone are the days of sitting by the side of the road when the spindle/axle is damaged due to extreme bearing failure or due to an accident.

Suspension travel and shock absorption are handled by four cords inside the steel tube housing. As the wheel moves up and down the rubber cords compress, offering a progressive rate of resistance. Independent suspension: each wheel acts independently for a smoother ride. The axle is bolted to the trailer frame which acts as an additional cross member that stiffens the frame, reducing flex. The rubber torsion cord design provides a progressive rate of shock absorption. Small bumps require less torsion resistance as compared to larger bumps which require a stiffer rate of shock absorption. This makes for a smoother ride over all types of roads. Torsion axles allow independent movement of each wheel, reducing shock transfer and dangerous trailer sway.

Important Notice About Multi Axle Trailers

No Load
No weight on axle, before axle is mounted under load.
Normal (Full) Load
Typical position when axle is loaded at full capacity.
Heavy (Shock) Load
Typical position at extreme shock.

Eliminator Torsion Axle Features:
• Built in forged brake flange with machined surface finish
• Torsion arms are coated to your specifications:
Plain, E-Coated or Hot Dipped Galvanized
• Available in 15 degree, 0 degree, -10 degree, -22.5 degree, -25 degree,
-35 degree & -45 degree options
• Brake options include: Vented Disc, Stainless Steel Disc or Drum Brakes
• Hub options include: GalvX, painted or E-Coat


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